When Life Gets In The Way

27 Jan

It is slightly astonishing to me how fast time goes. How quickly we change, whether or not we notice it. It is awesome and scary and every other adjective that basically means awesome and scary. Chip is now back in school and I am going to work every day. For us this is new. It is weird. It is almost as if for the first time we actually have to schedule Heather/Chip time. Not because we don’t see each other but because when we do one of us or maybe even both are walking in or out of the door. We are busy.  I never was under any impression we wouldn’t be. I knew when we set our wedding date for when we did, it was going to be a fight for together time. Real honest together time. So if you have ever been under the impression that Chip and I see each other all the time because we share the same bed…I hate to pop that bubble. Though I would like to live in that bubble haha.

We have to play catch up a lot. Chip goes to sleep early and is up at 4am. I admire him immensely for his dedication to his job (let’s face it a job where i had to be up at 4 am is absolutely absurd and dedication is the only word i could use for voluntarily doing it. every day.) and to his studies. Those things are two of his tracks ((a subject for a next week’s post I believe)). It is quite hard to spend time together as of late where we aren’t just exhausted from all our goings on of the week. So needless to say we have found that for this stage in our life, we live for weekends. But who doesn’t right?

Life getting in the way is nothing new. At some point we have all experienced it. It could have been as simple as waking up late because the alarm clock didn’t go off (which totally happened to me the other day. not fun).  However, no matter how complex the situation, life always gets in the way.

So take this as a tip. Since most of you who read this are engaged or like us,  recently married, I feel that this should be said and kept in mind. So bookmark this post, write what i am about to say down on a post it and stick on your mirror. Ready? Set? Go:

No matter what curve ball gets thrown in your path, no matter how busy and hectic your life seems, never forget the love God has placed in your life. Never forget the person you were hand picked by God to walk through life with. Take the time to sit down every day and have a real, honest conversation. Laugh. Love. Get through the hectic…together.


Okay so that was a lot for a post it note. But you got the idea. At least I think you did. I’ll go with yes, you did and you will be much better for it. Right? Right.

It is so easy to overlook what is right in front of you. So for this week I have a challenge for you: instead of looking through what is front of you, look directly at it. Look him, or her in the eyes. Remember why it is you picked them. Listen intently to what they say. Laugh with them. Pray with them. Worship with them. Work with them. Spend time cultivating that relationship as if it was your first 6 months of dating. Why? Because at the end of the day, I want you to succeed. I want you to grow in Christ and as people. I want you to experience the fullness that God intended through agape love relationships. I also would like you to tell me how you did. How it worked for you. What you learned. Can you do that? I think you can. I believe in you.

We are so blessed to have each other and to have a Creator who loved us enough to bring us to each other. Chip is my person. He is better half. Knowing he is by my side cheering me on through all that life throws at us is enough for me to fight it when it gets in the way. I hope you have that same feeling about someone. And if not I pray you find it. Finding the one worth fighting for AND with is a gift straight from God that I would never want anyone to miss out on.

Well for this week I feel like I have said enough. Please put into action something you read here today. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Check Back Next Week for “Mind Tracks” ((don’t judge me for already having it planned out))

Until Then,



One response to “When Life Gets In The Way

  1. kelly summers

    January 27, 2011 at 10:47 am

    Awesome post! I stole it to supplement my own on my new blog. I don’t think I copied you, even though I may have started it after you did 🙂
    And I completely agree with everything in this post. Rob works during the day and I work at night so we’re in the same predicament. BUT even if we saw each other constantly, it would be so easy to fill our time with other, unimportant tasks rather than focusing on each other. All that to say, I like your blog 🙂


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