Okay, Okay, Okay

So the past few months have been INSANE with all that has been going on. All of our time has been spent doing one of the following: Eating, Sleeping, Working, Traveling, (and any combination of them as well). Hence the reason I am up now at 12:30am writing my first blog update in several months.

1. I (Heather) have a new job. I work at a bank doing all sorts of loan processing and closing. I actually really enjoy it because I finally am doing something constructive and beneficial to someone other than myself. It fulfills me in that it is great to help others I don’t even know. My company is really driven for excellence and it is great to be a part of such a well established and encouraging environment. (not to mention the benefits and set schedule)

2.  We think we have found a church to attend while we are still in Greenville. (It’s hard for me to think of us leaving yet I know how badly Chip wants to go to seminary. Greenville has been my home for almost 24 years and to up and move still seems strange. However, there is still this great peace about it all because it has nothing to do with me but everything to do with God and his plan for not only Chip’s life but for mine as well. One of the many awesome and amazing perks of being married! Any way, I digress…). We are pretty excited about the ministry and mission opportunities through that church and we look forward to what God is going to teach us.

3. WE GOT A KITTEN!!! Wooohooo!!  Her name is Sophie (Sophie Lang if you are the vet ;-)) She is two months and 2 weeks old almost. And for all those who ever wondered, if and when we have children I know my husband will be totally wrapped just by the way he is with Sophie.


Well, other than that we haven’t had a lot of changes. We are headed for New York on Thursday morning!!! Happy One Year Anniversary to Us! I can’t believe we have been married a year already. I know people say marriage changes you and I can’t count how many times I have heard “Once you have been married a while your feelings on it will change” but I know this to be truer than true: I love my husband more now than ever. Sure our first year has been rough at times, and we have definitely had our share of growing and learning to do. But I know that he loves me because of all my flaws and failures and I love him the same. Three years together and he still makes me happier than any one else (except maybe sophie haha).


So to all those nay sayers, doubters of true, life long commitment, and cynics I say poo on you. A true, Godly marriage is one of the biggest blessings and I wouldn’t do anything to change that. Ever. Husbands, Love your wives. Wives, respect your husbands. It isn’t easy and I am definitely no expert, but I am learning. The only way to show love and receive love in it’s purest form is to know the depth of Christ’s love for you. That knowledge will change your whole life.


Until next time,




The One With All the Announcements

Well the last few weeks have been quite full. We have some great announcements to make and we are super excited for them!!

Announcement #1

We have been doing the youth at the Church for about a month now and things are going really well. We are starting some outreaches into the community to get more people involved and to get the kids out of their boxes. So far being around these kids has really opened our eyes in a new way and have gotten us to really count on Christ to lead and guide us as we try to be there for them. So please continue to pray for us. It is a great task afforded to us and we really don’t want to do anything apart from God’s will.


Announcement #2

We also have joined the praise team. I would like to say now that it is a huge gift from God to have a husband who can play/sing. I wish I could fully tell how much that means to me. This morning we did the special for the service and we had lots of compliments. While that made us feel good it isn’t all about us and we know that. We practiced and practiced. ((i hate not being prepared for singing and such. If I am not prepared I feel like I am more of a hindrance than a vessel Christ can use…)) We sang In Christ Alone/On Christ the Solid Rock. We are very thankful to have the opportunity ((and by opportunity I mean Chip agreeing without talking to me and saying “hey you’re singing on Sunday what do you want to do?” yeah that was a fun conversation haha)) But anyway we are hoping to help the music ministry grow and use the talents God gave us to further praise Him.


Announcement #3

We have already started planning our anniversary trip and have decided to venture to the Big Apple. WOOT! I have only been once and was too young to really remember it so we are heading up there. I am so excited. We already booked our tickets and will be gone in October 6-10. I am super excited. There are so many things I would love to do obviously but hey, since I can’t remember going before I would totally be fine just walking around and taking it all in. However, if there is ANY WAY AT ALL to see Wicked on Broadway, you can bet the Langs will be there!! So yeah ((if you haven’t picked up on it yet…we are too excited about all that!)) We keep our flight itinerary hanging on the wall, okay that may be too much but we can’t help it haha!


Announcement #4

The last few weeks have been full of changes. The biggest change is that I got a new job! So excited and blessed to be afforded this opportunity. It comes with a lot of perks. The biggest ones being a set schedule, a salary, and benefits for both Chip and I.  We are super excited for this to start and for us to be able to plan more. I will just say that is going to be such a help. We have hated going week by week trying to figure out when I would have off and when I wouldn’t. Being able to know for a fact that I will be off this day at this time is going to change so much about how we get to see each other and how we get to spend our off time. We will eventually be moving from Mauldin to Greer since my job will be there and it will be closer to the Church. So in the next few months we will have loads of changes and transitions. I  can’t say I am not excited though!

So right now our plates are pretty full with new things and old things. But we are growing and learning and transitioning so it works I guess haha.

Well for now I think that is enough!

Until Next Time,



the One With the News of the Week

This week we embarked upon some interesting adventures.

Got to see some awesome friends and their senior Art exhibitions, Chip finished his last full week of school, Today was the opening Sunday of our Church. That was great! However it was quite early. We had to be at Church at 7am and stay for the later service…quite early and lengthy. However it was great to have our opening Sunday so full so we are excited!

The sermon this morning  was about Hope. It was interesting how the pastor spoke on how Hope only comes out of Hopelessness. I sat and thought of all the things I wanted to accomplish in my life and God laid it on my heart that if i really wanted something I would have to take action. So that is what I did. Today I am pleased to say that I applied to Graduate School for MFA in Media Design! I am leaving it in God’s hands obviously but I am hopeful for the future!

Chip will wrap up his final full semester this week. Then it is off to summer school…and then HE IS FINISHED!!!! Awesome! There is so much coming up in the next few months, It is super exciting. I can’t see what happens next!

Well that is all for now, I am exhausted from this morning so…lol

Until Next Week,



The One With…

the thoughts of Children and When We Would Want Them.

It is so strange how the instant you get married (or engaged) you are like a fresh piece of meat waiting to be seasoned by the questions of “how many kids would you like?” “When will you start having them?” “Boy? Girl?” etc.

For some reason I feel a little more of the “pressure” for lack of a better term about having kids. If for no other reason than, well I would be the one carrying it lol. I want kids, there is no doubt there  but I often question my ability at raising a child. I don’t think I would be a bad mom, but sometimes it is completely beyond me to think of a little tiny thing entirely relying on me for things. While I sometimes freak out about myself, I know for a fact that Chip Lang would be the most awesome father. He is so precious.

I won’t lie, we do find ourselves asking what it would be like to have a baby. Chip has a “Five Year Plan” that has dwindled down to 4 then 3 1/2. He looked at me just this week and had been watching this little blonde girl playing with her dad and he said “Ahnee don’t look.” Oddly enough I hadn’t been, so I am convinced he is wearing down on his “Plan.”

We aren’t sure when we will finally decide to have children, but we have already started thinking about names.

Names for boys (so far)                                        Names for girls(so far)
Gideon                                                                         Abigail
Judah                                                                           Sophia

Now these names are subject to change but they are the ones that are the ones we keep coming back to. Of course they are all Biblical.

We also we get the question a lot about if we are going to have a fifth. We go back and forth about it. So I guess the safe answer to that is “we are still in discussions about it” haha. We will let you know about that when we decide for sure…which will probably be when we see our son for the first time.

Well that is enough baby talk for now. With all the people I know right now getting pregnant or having children I am kind of infiltrated with the thoughts about children so this was my way of talking it out. Thanks for humoring my thoughts haha

Until next week,



I Remember Well the Day We Wed…

If you know the song “When I Said I Do” by Clint Black I probably just put a song in your head. If not…you may want to expand your  music knowledge just a tad.

It seems weird that 6 months have already passed since we got married. It seems like we have been in some weird time warp with all that has gone on since we got married. Honeymoon, senior show, graduation, holidays and now we are entering the final stretch and Chip will soon be graduated and he has a new job. The last six months have been packed for sure!

In honor of our six months I have decided to write down a few things I have learned about my groom.


1. He has an IMMENSE dislike for toothpaste…no really.

2.He truly loves video games. Why? Because it involves his nothing box.

3. He loves books. He has a list a mile long he wants to read or is currently reading.

4. Nine times out of ten he will say he doesn’t want a drink or a snack. However that is just code for “I’ll eat/drink yours”

5. Any round object is fair game for kicking like a soccer ball

6. While knowing his way around a computer, he isn’t all that tech savvy. just the other day he couldn’t get his phone to turn on and handed it to me and said “Ahnee, fix it” in his cute voice

7. He won’t wear shoes in the house. Ever.

8. He gets super excited about what he learns at school and oddly enough about getting to go to sleep.

9. He will never have enough hot sauces.

10. He knows he is cute and will play that up whenever he can.

11. He procrastinates.

12. He loses things and then asks me to find them which I always can.

13. He LOVES change.

14. He is scared of becoming unhealthy/fat. ((He will say he isn’t afraid of being fat…this is a lie haha))

15. If he is woken up in a “not nice” way, he will be quite grumpy

16. When he gets stressed out it is hard for him to find a trash can, clothes hamper, etc.

17. He may attack you with a Nerf gun whenever he feels the need to do so

18. He has been known to play guitar, listen to music, and watch tv all the same time.

19. He has a heart bigger than anyone I have ever met and it is really hard for him to see his friends struggling with something.

20. And after six months I still say there is not a doubt that he is the one for me.

So here is to six months of being married to my best friend. the good, the bad, and the ugly with him is 100 times better than any life I could have had without him.

Well that is all for this week.

Until Next Time,



Time Flies…In Case You Ever Wondered

Okay yes, we know that we haven’t updated in a while. We sincerely apologize. Have you ever noticed how fast life goes??? I am sure you have. So I shall update you on the goings on of this set of Langs.

Well a few weeks ago we went on a vacation to Florida with Chip’s parents and sister Amanda. Um PHENOMENAL. We swam with dolphins, went to Sea World, Islands of Adventure, Universal, and Disney World. It definitely was a packed week but super fun. I will say that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I will definitely go back if for no other reason than the Butterbeer (it is non alcoholic, so no worries haha).

The trip was something I definitely needed. Work had been and continues to be draining in many ways (mostly emotional) and one of my dear dear friends passed away just three days before we left. His passing hit me like a ton of bricks, and to be completely honest I never truly felt the weight of that phrase until I had true personal experience with such an emotion. He was a great guy and had such a loving heart for people and his work as an artist. I miss him still and probably always will. I will have to say that now I work in a different way. More like him. More passionate, more talent honed, more detail oriented. I can’t bring myself to produce mediocre work knowing how much he hated mediocrity.

After the trip we came back to SC and everything was…well just as we left it. We had work and Chip had school to get back to. Pretty depressing after such an awesome trip haha.

We went back to The Church. It is the place we had been visiting and were applying to be youth pastors at…okay Chip was applying and I am just part of the package deal so we interview together. Anyway, the service was good and then the pastor asked to speak with us afterwards. We met with him for a few minutes and he offered us the position! So we have met with him a few times more to work out details and we will be having our first Youth Event this coming Sunday. That is super exciting for us!! So we ask for your support in this new endeavor.

We have some other news to tell…however the time is not right. However, we will definitely fill you in as we hear the final word….and no, we are not pregnant or could be pregnant. I apologize if I got your hopes up. haha We are super excited though!!


Well I think that is all for now. It is back to the grind for us tomorrow after having a lovely weekend with each other and some awesome friends. Hopefully we will get back on our usual update schedule!


Unitl next week,




The Future Is Getting Close

This week Chip and I ventured up to Cary, NC to visit Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I had been there before and talked with Chip about it so we went to check it out and see what was going on up there. Short version of this story is: WE LOVED IT!

Okay so here is the detailed account.
 We had a tour of the school that started at 9:30. They did the usual of showing the campus and giving some historical facts about them and the school. That in and of itself was impressive, but in each description it was made clear on the stance the school took on matters. They call themselves a Great Commission school. Their teaching is all inclusive of that fact. Every class is taught with that mindset and conveys it on a global scale as well as a local one.

We got to go to visit during a chapel service which was really cool. After that we continued with the tour and lunch. We then were separated and I went to the Women’s Life people and talked with them a bit. We then did some admissions and financial aid stuff. We were very pleased to find out there were some great financial aid options. After that we were allowed to tour the housing options by ourselves. Some were…bad. One however we absolutely loved. We will definitely be looking into that further. 

We had a really great visit and loved it there so much. Right now we are thinking we will be moving in October at the earliest. It could be later but right now that is what we are thinking. We would ask that you keep us in your prayers as we are starting the tough decision time!

Well until next week!